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Clintondale High School teachers have all flipped the class, with astounding results.

Jonathan Bergmann is one of the two teachers that really began popularizing the flip concept nationally. This is a widely-watched YouTube video he has made about the flipped classroom.

On the Flipped Learning Network, Tom Driscoll shares his classroom flip:

I started flipping in the fall of 2011 and moved to the flipped-mastery model by Spring of 2012. This school year has been entirely flipped-mastery for my 10th grade World History course. I have documented my approach and reflected on student outcomes regularly on www.flipped-history.com.

The results have been tremendously positive. Here is a quick video I compiled demonstrating how my flipped-mastery class runs on a day to day basis.

Here is an examples of the students' objective grids that helps them progress through each unit:

I am always looking forward to collaborating with others, either here or on Twitter (@Mr_Driscoll).

attempts to chronicle some of my challenges in flipping the class.

The Oct. 2012 issue of Kappan magazine has some good articles about flipping, including a short piece by the "founders" of the Flip Movement, Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann, "Before You Flip, Consider This"

Vodcasting: Help for the flipped classroom. There is a video here from the other "founder" of the flipped movement, Aaron Sims.

Salman Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, which has produced thousands of high-quality, short videos on subjects of all kinds, talks about the flipped movement in a TED talk on YouTube.